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Hello and welcome to Swadeshi Leatherworks,

Thank you for giving us this opportunity to introduce ourselves and present our line of large leather travel bags for men and women as well as our offering of smaller personal bags and pouches.

We are (and prefer to be) a small leather studio, producing only a limited number of quality, handmade bags each year and dealing as directly as we can with our customers. We do not design new styles each year to fit some fad or fashion, but have only a few designs which we have cultured to near perfection and never discontinue.

We started this line by trying to make the finest travel bag possible -- functional, strong, comfortable, simple, lightweight, and able to outlast all other bags. Today, after more than forty years, we have eleven designs which we offer in two or three sizes each and many in either a simple, one pocket version or a deluxe version with extra pockets, inside and out. That's forty-six bags altogether. We also offer over twenty smaller bags, pouches and accessories which we do in sometimes up to six sizes each -- over sixty altogether. We also offer the opportunity to customize any of our bags either with options, alterations or we can do one bag in any size.

Let's start with some basics.

All of our bags:

  • come in any of our five earth tone colors -- black, dark brown, medium brown, saddle and green (click here; smailed leather swatches available upon request) ;
  • a choice of buttons (when used), either a rustic deer antler or a classy metal button;
  • are hand-crafted of the finest top-grain cowhide and solid brass fittings;
  • come with a ten year guarantee and a lifetime warranty.

    And our large shoulder bags also come with:

  • a "Care and Cleaning" pamphlet;
  • a jar of our natural Swadeshi Bag Dressing;
  • a leather label and name tag sewn in, and --
  • a penny in each bag to honor an old tradition.

    A few other distinctions that make our bags unique among most other leather bags available today are:

  • We have chosen a garment weight, top-grain leather for its durability and strength and because it's not too heavy to start with -- as leather can be.
  • Our leather has a natural finish that not only looks and feels good but is washable and can be reoiled occasionally.
  • We do not put linings in any of our bags as no lining material will last as long as leather.
  • The leather that we use has a fully finished suede interior that is completely washable.
  • We offer many options to our bags and will even alter some of the dimensions of our bags to help you get exactly the right bag. We will also do one of our designs, The Round Bottom Bag or Pouch, in any size as well as put pockets and/or straps on it.
  • We promise to completely maintain your bag, at no charge, for the life of the leather and we guarantee the leather will last through at least ten years of hard, everyday use. That is our guarantee and our warranty. Please note -- our bags will last twenty to thirty years, with some care.

    Leather swatches (available upon request) can offer a better feel of our leather as well as a better vision of our colors. Colors vary a bit and can be expected to change or mellow over the years. If exact colors are important please request current swatches.

    We make most large bags directly to your order and can usually mail them within two weeks (U.S. Postal Service). Smaller bags and pouches are usually mailed right away.

    Those are the basics. We get more detailed on the additional pages.

    We realize that choosing a bag that you may have for the rest of your life is a big decision and we invite you to consider carefully our offerings shown here. We will be glad to keep you up to date with prices and new designs. We still do all of the designs in our original catalogue, but have added a number of designs and have generally enlarged our offerings quite a bit, since then.

    Thanks again for your interest and best regards,

    Wesley Stoft

    PS -- This site is dedicated to our many wonderful patrons, our repeat customers, who have continued to support us at our shows or through the mail, over the past 40 years.